Brunch at Cafe 2 Twenty Four

Every Valentines Day, it’s been a tradition of my family to go to McDonalds. Our reasoning for this is because it allows us to bring the kids out with us, and it’s one of the few places that you could guarantee a seat at the restaurant. This year I decided to break that tradition and try something else. 

I’d seen heaps of people on Instagram visit Cafe 2 Twenty Four for their amazing milkshakes and I really wanted my little man to try one. On this occasion I only ordered one milkshake as I wasn’t sure whether he would finish it so I said we’d share it. Our order for the Malteser Megasgake was placed. As it turns out, my little man conveniently *forgot* the fact that we were sharing a milkshake and inhaled it all himself. This milkshake was chocolatey and creamy; a chocoholics dream! I was afraid it would be really heavy but found this milkshake to be airy and very morish!

   Malteser Mega Shake ($9)

When we visited the cafe it was around mid-morning and the huz and I were getting peckish so we decided to order some food. I ordered fish and chips while the huz ordered a smoked salmon omelette. When I ordered fish and chips, I imagined the usual thick batter which I end up scrapping off. Not on this occasion! It was beautifully crispy and not heavy at all. The fish was cooked beautifully and really fleshy! I loved the salad and chips too; crispy chips is such a winner for me and so is a good dressing. 

  Battered Fish and Chips ($16.90) – fish of the day served with a side of salad, homemade tartar sauce, a lemon wedge and chips. 

As for the smoked salmon omelette, the huz thought it was nice; light and fluffy with the smoked salmon giving it a nice salty touch that wasn’t overpowering. 

  Salmon Omelette ($15.90) – smoked salmon, cheese, red onion, spinach and capers.

While we came to Cafe 2 Twenty Four for the milkshakes, we were pleasantly surprised by the food and enjoyed the lovely service we received from the staff. The family and I definitely have plans to come back here to try the other things. We plan to come a little earlier too as the cafe was packed and very cozy at the time we visited. I’ve also made a mental to order my own milkshake as the little one can clearly finish his own milkshake without my help 😏

Salted Caramel cupcake ($4.50) 

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