Watering the Herb Garden

For those that have been following my Facebook page know that I have recently started growing my own herbs. This is probably my fifth attempt. I’m happy to report that so far *touch wood* fifth time’s a charm and I’m actually getting a yield from most of my herbs. I’m even growing spring onions and garlic from cooking off-cuttings! Strangely, parsley is proving to be difficult for me; only because in the past this has grown like a weed for me. I’ll keep persevering though as there’s something so rewarding and comforting about using herbs you’ve grown yourself and using what you need, rather than buying bunches at the shops where half ends up being wasted 🙁

One quiet Sunday afternoon while the kids were playing nicely inside the house, I decided to venture into the herb garden with camera in tow. I’m surprised this hasn’t happened earlier; most know that photography is a hobby of mine. After giving the plants a good watering, I decided to have a play with the macro lens. Sometimes I forget that these herbs are living things that need attention and nurturing and care. Anyhoo here’s the result – I hope you enjoy 🙂 Mother nature can be pretty amazing!



My little garlic clove that could. I thought it was dying and I was ready to pluck it out of the soil but low and behold it grew. 


My spring onions which I grew from off-cuttings. I was making Hainanese Chicken Rice! 

KBD_8832 KBD_8834

I have big plans for you my mint leaves… like mojitos and apple and mint sorbets

KBD_8837 KBD_8839

My basil leaves have been amazing in all the pizzas and Bolognese sauces I’ve been making. So much more aromatic than using the dried stuff. 


My little parsley. Such a fighter and growing VERY slowly but growing none the less. I think this little baby needs a little bit more TLC from me. I’m dying to use it in my cooking!


Living and growing in a curry-loving house, there’ll be plenty of opportunities for you to shine my cute little coriander. 

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