Chocolate Mousse

As the weather starts to warm up, so does the need for chilled dessert. I found this recipe in Thermomix’s Everyday Cookbook and thought to try it out one evening to please the dear husband who is a fan mousse. Just so you know how much of a fan he is, he has his own version of mousse, named ‘Extreme Mousse’ which is essentially packet mousse with a ridiculous amount of sugar. *unhealthy!*  Anyway, with a lot less sugar and preservatives I made the mousse and left it to refrigerate and set overnight. Needless to say the husband was pleased and I was able to enjoy the mousse without my teeth hurting.


Prep and Cooking Time – 10 minutes + chilling time | Serves – 6


– 50g raw sugar
– 200g good quality chocolate (I used 50% Lindt 70% dark chocolate & 50% Lindt milk chocolate)
– 200g full-fat pouring (whipping) cream
– 4 eggs, room temperature and separated
– a pinch of salt


Place sugar into mixing bowl and mill 10 sec / speed 9. Scrape down sides of bowl.

Add chocolate and grate 10 sec / speed 6.

Add 50g of the cream and melt 4 min / 50°C / speed 2

Add egg yolks and mix 15 sec / speed 4. Set aside and thoroughly clean and dry mixing bowl.

Insert Butterfly. Place remaining cream into mixing bowl and whip 20 – 30 sec / speed 4, or until mixture thickens. Set aside. Thoroughly clean and dry mixing bowl.

Re-insert butterfly. Place egg whites and salt into mixing bowl and whip 3½ min / speed 3.5 or until still peaks form. Scrape down sides of bowl.  

Add reserved chocolate mixture and whipped cream and carefully fold 20 sec /  counter-clockwise operation / speed 3. Fold mixture using spatula until just combined. Place into serving glasses and refrigerate for a minimum 3 hours prior to serving.

* Taken from Thermomix’s Chocolate Mousse recipe in the Everyday Cookbook *

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