Champorado (Sweet Chocolate Rice Porridge)

When most people think of breakfast, thoughts of a big savoury breakfast of bacon, eggs, mushrooms and hash browns come to mind. If one thought of a sweet start to the day, visions of honey or maple dripping off a stack of ice-cream and fruit-topped pancakes come across one’s eyes, or an energising bowl of fresh fruits and yoghurt.

For this Filipino girl, breakfast is a bowl of chocolatey goodness. Champorado is a sweet chocolate rice pudding from the Philippines. Glutinous rice is used and the dark chocolate gives this pudding its rich, deep brown colour. To lighten and sweeten the pudding to your liking, add evaporated milk and a dash of condensed milk.

Champorado in a bowl is nostalgia for me; warm, fuzzy memories of me as a little girl watching Saturday morning cartoons while I dig into a bowl of ‘chocolate porridge’ (as I used to call it) makes me smile. I now make this for my boys to enjoy, particularly in winter. In any event, I hope you enjoy making this traditional Filipino dish for your family as much as I enjoy making it for mine.


Prep and Cooking Time – 25 minutes


– 170g dark chocolate (70% cocoa), in pieces
– 200g glutinous rice
– 60g raw sugar
– 1.1L water
– evaporated or fresh milk, to taste
– condensed milk, to taste


Grate dark chocolate 5 sec / speed 8.

Add glutinous rice, raw sugar and water to the bowl and cook 20 minutes / 100oC / reverse / speed 1.

Serve rice porridge warm and sweeten with a dash of evaporated milk and condensed milk.

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  1. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! ❤️😘

  2. I have just discovered your site. I saw this post and thought this is my childhood! My Dad is Filipino and it’s a tradition that dad makes us all champorado for breakfast on Easter Sunday. Now our kids love this tradition too! This dish is full of warmth & love (& of course condensed milk!!). Thank you for your website!!

  3. Welcome to my site Justine; glad you found it! What a beautiful tradition you have going there <3 my boys love Champorado too much to make it a yearly thing and quite frankly, I'm the same 😉 I hope you visit the site often and enjoy the recipes xx

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