Afternoon Delights at Whisk Creamery

I follow quite a few Perth food bloggers on Instagram and Facebook and of course they all lovingly share photos of their food adventures. All of a sudden, my news feed was being flooded with glorious pictures of cronuts, cronuts filled with ice-cream and wickedly decorated gelato cones; Mr Whippy and Wendy’s soft serve ice-creams doesn’t even compare!


So after a bit of investigating it appears many had visited a dessert place in Subiaco called Whisk Creamery which specialises in freshly made gelato. The opportunity to visit the small dessert cafe came after a trip to IKEA. I was so proud that I want to IKEA and only bought what I needed (rather than buying half the shop which normally happens when I visit) that I thought a treat was in order. It was a lovely overcast winter afternoon, the area was quiet so street parking nearby (30 minute free bay) was available.

After having a bite to eat at IKEA not long beforehand, I had my eye on something small so I opted for the Ferrero Roche Cronut while the rest of the family enjoyed gelatos. Master A was keen on combining his two favourite desserts together but wasn’t interested in any of the Cronut/ Gelato combinations on offer, so I bought him a plain Cronut to accompany his gelato.


My Ferrero Roche Cronut tasted like a pastry version of the chocolate, filled with a Nutella like hazelnut chocolate spread and sprinkled with nuts and sugar. It was deliciously sweet so a green tea was ordered to help curb the sugary delight. The huz ordered the peanut butter gelato. I’m not normally a peanut butter flavoured fan because it can be very strong and overpowering but Whisk’s flavouring was spot on. There wasn’t any nuts in the gelato which I think worked well but could be added if one liked the texture.

Peanut Butter gelato ($4.90) and plain Cronut ($5.00)

Ferrero Roche Cronut ($6.90)

Now as I didn’t eat the other items we ordered, I’m going to get my eldest, Master A, to give his review of the place. Ever since I started food blogging he’s been keen to share his views on the places we’ve visited. So here he is, Master A’s debut foodie review 🙂

[Master A’s Review]

What did I have? Vanilla custard soft serve with mini M&Ms and plain Cronut

My favourite was… the Cronut because it was tastier. It was sweet, sugary that was crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. The ice cream was nice, not overly sweet and very creamy. It tasted very vanilla-ry and caramelly.

My rating… I rate the icecream 3 out of 5, it was OK. I rate the Cronut 4 out of 5, it was good

Chocolate gelato ($4.90) with Maltesers topping ($1.00)

Vanilla Custard gelato ($4.90) with mini M&Ms topping ($1.00)

Whisk Creamery
151 Rokeby Road, Subiaco, Western Australia 6051
T: (08) 6162 2948

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