Speedy Spreadable Organic Butter

During my family’s journey in overhauling our way of eating, what we used for butter came into focus and at the time I was looking for an affordable, spreadable organic butter. I couldn’t find anything ready-made and so I tried to find organic whipping cream. Not only could I not find any locally, there was nothing affordable either and eventually, as contradictory as this sounds, I felt like I didn’t have the time to fluff around with whipping cream, straining it to get the buttermilk out, then re-rinsing the butter… etc, etc, etc (you could also call this laziness on my part). Don’t get me wrong; butter is one of those things you need to try at least once when owning a Thermomix (refer to your Basic and Everyday Cookbook for the recipe) but I was after something more convenient. Plus when you put butter made from whipping cream in the fridge, it becomes a real solid block the next time you use it. Unless you have a butter bell (which I hear is great by the way but I’m not a fan), ain’t nobody got time to let butter sit out on the bench so it can become somewhat spreadable. Well, I don’t anyway…

Drawing inspiration from Quirky Cooking’s Spreadable Butter in the Thermomix recipe, in addition to my liking for anything ‘quickly made’, my refusing to travel and pay a ridiculous price for organic butter, yet wanting to improve my family’s eating; this is my speedy way of making spreadable organic butter using butter blocks available in the fridge section where all the other butters live at the supermarket. This recipe is identical to what appears on my Paprika app on my phone and while I make mention of organic butter as it is my family’s preference, realistically, you can use any butter block you wish to use for your family 🙂

bgPrep and Cooking Time – under 1 minute


– 230g – 250g block of organic butter, cubed and slightly softened.
– 150g oil of choice (I use macadamia oil)
– 150g filtered water
– salt (optional)



Place all ingredients into the bowl and mix 6 sec / speed 6. If you find your block of butter was too cold, you may need to repeat this step until most of the butter is chopped up.

Insert butterfly. Whip the butter 20 sec / speed 4.

Remove butterfly. Transfer into an airtight container and store in the fridge, using as needed.



The water / oil ratio in the recipe creates a consistency that appears runny but it should be sloppy and is able to hold itself somewhat, as pictured above. When it sets in the fridge, it will firm up and be nice and spreadable ready to use immediately.

My block of preference is Mainland Organic Butter or Organic Dairy Farmer’s of Australia’s Organic Butter however as mentioned previously, you can use this with any butter block of the same quantity.

When I make a batch, I store it between two glass based containers (similar to this from KMart Australia). I leave one container in the fridge to use immediately, while the other container is cling-wrapped and left in the freezer until needed. When my existing container is running low on butter, I take the frozen container out and allow it to defrost in the fridge for a few days to return it to a spreadable consistency again.

The oil used in this recipe (or any butter recipe for that matter) will affect the taste of your butter. Other oils I’ve seen other people prefer include rice bran or grape seed or olive. Please be mindful when using olive oils; they can be quite strong and overpowering! As noted in the recipe, my oil preference is macadamia.


  1. Lorraine

    June 16, 2016 at 2:08 pm

    Hi Karla
    I’m a bit confused here as you mention this is organic butter which you make removing all the fuss from the normal recipes making this a less expensive method (I presume) but to make it you still have to buy the organic butter in the first place so why would it be necessary to remake the butter?? I have not tried it yet – was going to but it confused me.
    Many thanks

    1. Karla D'Lima

      June 16, 2016 at 2:15 pm

      Hi Lorraine, great question! To make butter from scratch in the Thermomix, you need whipping cream. I found organic whipping cream difficult to source (where I am anyway) and when I did source them, it was pretty pricey. I also found it difficult to find spreadable organic butter. This recipe allows me to make spreadable organic butter using block organic butter from the shops (which is not in a spreadable state). Turns out a bit cheaper for me to make and I can adjust the taste to how I like.

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