Garlic and Soy Chicken and Rice

Thermomix manages a fantastic online forum where owners all around Australia submit their Thermomix recipes, called Recipe Community. The Garlic and Soy Chicken and Rice was the first recipe I tried from the forum and I was so happy it worked, after all it was the first recipe I tried that wasn’t from a Thermomix cookbook. Not only was I happy that I successfully recreated the meal, but I was stoked that my fussy boys inhaled the food! Six months on from when I first made it, this recipe is featured regularly in our weekly dinner menu.


Prep and Cooking Time – 30 minutes | Serves – 4 – 6 adults


– 1 spring onion
– 2 garlic cloves, peeled
– 50g oyster sauce
– 50 soy sauce
– 500g chicken breast or thighs, cubed
– 400g jasmine rice, rinsed.
– 800g water
– stir fry vegetables of choice to steam and prepared to one’s liking (such as mushroom, carrots, baby corn, sweat peas)

THERMOMIX & ORIGINAL RECIPE LINK – Nat’s Thermomixen in the Kitchen Easy Peasy Varoma Garlic & Soy Chicken and Rice


Chop garlic and spring onion 3 sec / speed 7.

Add soy and oyster sauce and mix for 4 sec / speed 4.

Add cubed chicken pieces to marinade in the sauce mixture for 2 sec / counter-clockwise operation / speed 3. 

Place your chosen stir fry vegetables in the bottom half of the Varoma tray, ensuring steam holes are visible. Replace the Varoma’s top tray and tip the marinated chicken out of the TM bowl onto the tray, ensuring it is also spread evenly. Set Varoma trays aside momentarily and DO NOT WASH THE THERMOMIX BOWL.

Place rice into the basket, add water to the unwashed TM bowl and insert the rice basket into the bowl before closing the lid. Remove the MC and place the Varoma trays with the vegetable and chicken on top and commence cooking 20 min / Varoma / speed 4. 

Remove the vegetables from the bottom Varoma tray and keep warm in a ThermoServer. Also remove the basket of cooked rice with your spatula and keep warm.

Close the lid and return the Varoma trays on top (the bottom tray empty and the top tray with chicken) and cook for a further 5 min / Varoma / speed 4. Once cooked, tip the chicken into the ThermoServer on top of the cooked vegetables and combine.

Serve chicken and vegetables on top of a bed of fluffy rice and enjoy.


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