Leche Flan

Leche flan, a Filipino’s version of crème caramel, is a staple at any Filipino party. In my youth, my friends and I would make a bee line straight to the leche flan before the adults could get to it so we could enjoy this rich, very sweet, creamy and milky dessert all for ourselves.

Traditionally the leche flan is a very sweet recipe and it is baked in the oven, with the ilanera (the flan moulds) sitting in a tray of water. As always the Thermomix makes it easy to create this by steaming in the Varoma.


Prep and Cooking Time – 45 minutes | Serves – makes 4 ilanera moulds


– 150g caster sugar
– 6 egg yolks
– 1 can ( 395g ) of condensed milk
– 1 can ( 375g ) of evaporated milk
– 1L water
* for this recipe, I used two ilanera moulds *



Place caster sugar in a small saucepan and cook over medium heat until it is completely melted and becomes a deep amber caramel. When melting it would be ideal to swirl the pan rather than stirring so as not to get sticky caramel on the ladle.


Immediately pour the caramel between the two ilanera moulds, ensuring the base of each mould is covered in caramel. The ilanera moulds will become very hot so leave aside for the caramel to set and the moulds to cool.


Add the remaining ingredients (egg and milks) into the TM bowl and mix 20 sec / speed 4. Pour the flan mixture between the two ilanera moulds, leaving a 1cm gap from the top of the mould. Reserve the rest of the flan mixture in the fridge.

Rinse the TM bowl, replace with 1 litre of water and lock the TM lid, with the MC removed.

Proceed to place the two ilanera moulds into the Varoma bowl, cover and place on top of the TM bowl and cook 30 mins / Varoma / speed 3.


To know when the leche flan is cooked, the flan should be firm to touch. Remove the ilanera moulds from the Varoma bowl and set aside to cool slightly.

Run a thin knife around the edges of the mould to loosen the leche flan. Place a platter on top of the mould and quickly turn upside down to position. You should see the caramel pouring out from underneath the mould. Lift the ilanera moulds and set it aside (the moulds should still have caramel at the base and can be used to make the next two leche flans).


Place the cooked leche flan in the fridge to firm and serve to guests chilled.



Ilanera’s are a thin metal flan mould which I found at my local Filipino grocer, however I have been told they are found in some good Asian / Continental grocers.  If you cannot find the mould, ramekins could also be used however the steaming time will differ and you’d need to elevate the ramekins to allow for steam to come through into the Varoma bowl (for example, cookie cutters).

Also, I made the caramel glazing on a stove top because it is just too sticky to fiddle with in the Thermomix; once melted the sugar hardens very quickly so it would just be best to get it over and done with on the stove.

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