Brownie Batter Spread

This recipe popped up on my Food Gawker grid and I was intrigued, ‘could a spread really taste like brownie batter?’ While I enjoy a good natural nut butter / spread, the taste doesn’t appeal to my boys (I mean, I received a mediocre reception when I made them the hazelnut spread in the Everyday Cookbook).  When I saw this recipe by the Minimalist Baker, I wondered whether I could finally convert my family to the joy of natural nuts and ingredients to make an awesome spread.

As I took photos, I could see in the corner of my eye, two little boys drooling at my batter lathered bread. So when I was done, I let my boys eat my props and lo’ and behold, they were coming back for seconds… thirds even! “Chocolate mud on bread!” exclaimed one of my boys. “This is delicious mummy!” Success 🙂

KBD_7833Prep and Cooking Time – 25 mins | Serves – approx 15 tablespoons


– 200g raw almonds
– 80g raw walnuts
– 70g Medjool dates, pitted (about 4 dates)
– 80g dark chocolate chips
– 1 Tablespoon cacao powder
– ¼ teaspoon salt
– macadamia or coconut oil, optional



Preheat oven to 175oC. Place all nuts on a baking tray and roast until slightly golden brown, approximately 10-15 minutes. Once finished, set aside to cool.


Chop dates 5 sec / speed 10. Scrape sides of the bowl and set dates aside.


Add cooled nuts into the TM bowl and mix until it turns into a butter-like consistency. 2 mins / speed 9.


Add chocolate chips to melt and mix 1 min / speed 9.



Add reserved mixed dates, cacao powder and salt and mix 20 sec / speed 8.


The consistency of the batter at this point is like brownie batter – thick, moist and dense. However if you prefer something a little more runny, this is where you can add your macadamia or coconut oil and mix until you achieve the spread consistency you like. When you’re happy with the results, transfer to a sterilised jar and enjoy.



Don’t be limited to spreading this fudgy, nutty goodness on toast; think waffles, pancakes, fruit… whatever tickles your fancy! I also keep this spread in my pantry for approximately a week.



* Inspired and converted from the Minimalist Baker’s Brownie Batter Spread recipe *

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