Caramalised Onion and Blue Cheese Sauce

I love those moments when you search for one thing but find something else totally different and it turns out to be AMAZING! Finding the recipe for this Caramelised Onion and Blue Cheese Sauce recipe is the product of one of those moments. Normally I go weak at the knees for a creamy garlic sauce but I think I’ve found a new favourite. Even better is that it requires so few ingredients but the star, is that gorgeous blue ¬†cheese. Be sure to buy a good quality cheese to take the flavours of this sauce to another level. I’ve used this sauce on top of a beef steak as per the original post’s suggestion, but I could totally image this being poured on top of other types of meat, and even vegetables. Enjoy my lovelies ūüôā



Prep and Cooking Time Р25 minutes | Serves Р4 to 6 helpings


Р1 large onion or 2 small onions (mine weighed to 175g), cut into wedges
– 80g butter
–¬†180g double thickened cream
–¬†60g blue cheese, crumbled or diced



Chop onion 5 sec / speed 7. Scrape the sides of the bowl.

Add butter and caramalise onion 10 mins / 120oC / counter-clockwise operation/ speed 2 РMC OFF (For a TM31 Рset temperature to Varoma).

Add cream and simmer 5 mins / 80oC / counter-clockwise operation/ speed 2 РMC OFF

Add crumbed cheese to the bowl. To melt and reduce the sauce, continue cooking 8 mins / 80oC / counter-clockwise operation/ speed 2 РMC OFF. 

Pour sauce into a ThermoServer to naturally thicken for about 5 minutes prior to serving.


*¬†Inspired and converted from Miss Kitchen Mason’s Fillet Steak with Hasselbacks and Blue Cheese Onion Sauce recipe *

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