Mango Mousse Cups

You know that summer is coming when the shops are just bursting with beautiful mangoes! I LOVE mangoes and they are such a delicious, versatile fruit – I love them in salads with prawns as well as for dessert, in ice-cream, cheesecakes or on their own.

I came across this recipe as a possible Christmas dessert idea. It’s light and a little bit different to the standard pavlova for Christmas dessert. Plus, if this year’s Christmas is going to be a scorcher like previous years, then this would make such a refreshing dessert when chilled. The biggest draw card for me about this recipe is though, is the fact that I can make it ahead of time so there’s no need to rush on the day to make dessert – I can have it sorted the day before. Personally though,¬†I can totally see this dessert being an all year thing ūüėČ


Prep and Cooking Time – 15 minutes + chilling time | Serves – 4 to 6


–¬†1 teaspoon gelatin powder
–¬†40g boiling water
–¬†60-100g raw sugar (optional, adjust to taste)
– 250g mango flesh, plus additional flesh to garnish
– 250g whipping pouring cream
– pinch of salt
–¬†3 egg whites (approx. 85g)



Add raw sugar to the mixing bowl and mill 10 sec / speed 9. Scrape the sides of the bowl.

Place boiling water into a separate small bowl and add the gelatin powder. Stir until dissolved.

Add mango flesh and dissolved gelatin into the TM bowl and puree 30 sec / speed 8.  Empty TM bowl and set puree aside. Clean TM bowl and dry.

Insert butterfly. Add whipping cream into the mixing bowl and whip 10-30 sec / speed 4 or until thickened.

Remove butterfly. Empty TM bowl and set whipped cream aside. Clean TM bowl and dry. 

Insert butterfly. Place egg whites and salt into the mixing bowl and whip 3¬Ĺ min / speed 3.5, or until stiff peaks form.¬†¬†

Add reserved mango puree and whipped cream to the TM bowl and combine 20 sec / counter-clockwise operation / speed 3.

Pour mousse into individual portion cups and leave in the fridge to chill and set. Garnish with freshly diced mango prior to serving.


* Inspired and converted from Marriage and Laughter’s Mango Mousse Cups recipe *

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