Sago in Coconut Milk (Sai Mai Lo)

One evening I got experimenting in the kitchen making a dessert that would be kind to the throat as our household was sick. I remembered Sago in Coconut Milk which I enjoyed as a child and now my boys do to whenever we head off to dim-sum. What I love about this dessert is that it can be enjoyed warm on a cold evening, or cold to enjoy on a warm day. This went down a treat with the family and you can only imagine how excited my boys were to discover that we can enjoy this yummy treat at home.

Prep and Cooking Time – 20 minutes plus 1 hour soaking time | Serves – 4 small serves


– 120g seed tapioca (sago)
– 600g water (for soaking)
– 800g water (for boiling)
– 200g water (for sugar syrup)
– 50-70g white sugar, adjust according to desired sweetness
– 210g coconut milk


Soak sago with 600g water for 1 hour. Strain afterwards and set aside.

Place (800g) water into TM bowl and boil 6 mins / 100 degrees / speed 1.

Add pre-soaked sago to boiling water in TM bowl and cook 10 mins / 90 degrees / reverse / speed soft.

Strain sago and used chilled cold water to cool it down and separate the sago (it tends to go gluey so straining can take a little while). Set aside.

To make sugar syrup, add (200g) water and white sugar to TM bowl. Cook 3 mins / Varoma / speed 2.

Add coconut milk and cooked sago in with the sugar syrup. Combine gently with your spatula to ensure sago is not clumped together.

Serve immediately if enjoying warm or leave in the fridge to cool and serve when cold. Top with fresh fruit or layer on top of jelly.


* Inspired and converted from Bake You Smile’s Sago in Coconut Milk (Sai Mai Lo) recipe *

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