Miso Ramen with Pork

The Perth restaurant scene has exploded with some great Ramen establishments and as of late, my family have been enjoying them so much. While some think Ramen is just a ‘glorified 2-minute noodle” dish, I think it is much more flavoursome and the condiments you add to it takes it to the next level! As with most dishes I blog, I enjoy them at restaurants but it’s also nice to be able to make it at home for those times when one craves the comfort of home. My family and I can vouch for the fact that this dish is great on a cold day when wearing PJs πŸ™‚

Prep and Cooking Time – 20 minutes |Β Serves – 4 6


– Fresh or dried ramen noodles

For the Pork and Marinade…
– 350g sirloin pork steak
– 20g soy sauce
– 10g minced garlic
– 5g minced ginger
– 5g honey

For the Broth…
– 1L vegetable liquid stock
– 1 satchet instant dashi granules (if omitting, replace with 10g tamari)
– 20g tamari
– 80g white miso (shiro) paste

Topping Suggestions…
Egg, Spinach, Spring Onions, Corn, Mushrooms, Bean Sprouts, Tofu, Bamboo Shoots


Prepare the ramen noodles according to packet instructions, as well as your toppings ready for assembling later.

Combine pork and marinade ingredients in a bowl. Set aside.

Add liquid stock, dashi and tamari into the TM bowl and bring to the boilΒ 10 mins / Varoma / speed 2 / MC on.

While the broth is cooking, cook your marinated pork steaks on the stove and slice ready for assembling later.

Add miso paste to the hot broth and stir with your spatula. Continue cooking forΒ 2 mins / Varoma / speed 2 / MC on.Β 

To assemble your ramen, distribute noodles into each bowl and using a ladle, fill the bowls with the miso broth. To finish, top each bowl with your desired toppings.


  1. Kerry Lanzini

    May 5, 2019 at 2:38 pm

    Absolutely delicious! Like a big hug in a bowl!

  2. Sian

    April 2, 2020 at 5:29 pm

    My gosh I love Ramen, almost as much as I love Karla for putting together this quick, easy & delicious Miso ramen recipe to satisfy my Ramen hunger (it’s a real thing). Once you have some key ingredients in the pantry, it is pretty easy to be able to have Ramen-on-demand at any time. Thanks for the noods x

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