Pink Moscato Panna Cotta with Pistachio

Every now and again you come across a recipe that makes you go ‘WOW!’  I love drinking pink moscato but I never thought to cook with it so this recipe works well because who doesn’t like to boozy cook or bake? Should I make a batch of these babies, I can also have a drink too – one for you, and two for me…

Panna Cotta’s are a great make-ahead dessert, plus any chilled sweet dessert is a bonus in this Perth heat. The pistachio gives the panna cotta a bit of texture but it can totally be omitted if you aren’t a fan. To be honest, I was never a panna cotta fan but I think this recipe has converted me.


Prep and Cooking Time – 15 minutes + chill time | Serves – 6 – 8 portions (subject to mould size)


– 80g Pistachios
– 1 Tablespoon gelatin powder
– 60g chilled water
– 100g raw sugar
– 300g thickened cream
– 220g milk
– 1 teaspoon vanilla essence
– 100g Pink Moscato wine
– ¼ teaspoon rose pink food colouring (optional)



Something to mould your panna cotta – mini bundt pans, ramekins, silicon moulds



Place water in a small bowl. Sprinkle the gelatin granules onto the chilled water and set aside to soften.

Add pistachios to TM bowl and roughly chop 8 sec / speed 5. Set aside and clean TM bowl.

Place sugar in TM bowl and mill 10 sec / speed 9. Scrape sides of the bowl.

Add cream, milk and vanilla essence to the TM bowl and cook 10 mins / 80oC / speed 3.

Add Pink Moscato wine, dissolved gelatin and food colouring (if using) and mix together 3 mins / speed 3.

Pour and divide the cooked panna cotta mixture evenly amongst prepared moulds. Leave to chill in the fridge uncovered for one hour. After one hour, cover the panna cotta with cling wrap and allow it to continue chilling in the fridge.

To serve, unmould the panna cotta by running a thin knife around the edge of the mould. Invert the panna cotta onto individual serving plates and top with chopped pistachio.




The pink food colouring is an optional ingredient; when left out it is still a milky white colour and I wanted to emphasis the pink in this recipe.

* Inspired and converted from Blahnik Baker’s Pink Moscato Panna Cotta with Pistachios recipe *



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